Brazales Torson

Brazales Torson
Brazales Torson Brazales Torson Brazales Torson
Brazales Torson

The italian manucacturer "Fuchina del Drago" is well known for their elaborate leather works. The "Torson" bracers' design is detailed with nordic "Futark" runes and lines along the ridges and edges. This leads to a "typical" nordic look of those greaves, as known from detailled descriptions of these nordic people. The tightly riveted layers of leather enlongen the elbow part to provide a better protection there. Two strong leather starps allow a tight and fitting wearing on the warriors forearm.
Antique finished brass buckles detail the nothern armour pieces additionally.These bracers will also fit dwarfs, barbarians or any other rough background warriors costumes.

Material: upper leather
Circumference: lower strap: 19,5 cm to 26 cm; upper strap: 25 cm to 31,5 cm
Length: 27 cm
Width: 9 cm to 5 cm (conically shaping, minimal adjustment)

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