Herramientas de Médico Cirujano Mitara, tela.

Medieval Surgical Kit with canvas bag

Not just since the release of the film The Physician do we know that there were also surgery-obsessed and adventurous medicine men in the Middle Ages.
From today's perspective, the treatments applied back then seem primitive and often wrong. The bloodletting, used as a universal remedy in the Middle Ages, actually weakened the patient even more, and quite frequently even, the cut would become infected. Limbs with open and inflamed wounds would often be treated with the saw. Fortunately, those days are gone...

However, if you wish to discover the pleasures of the medieval medicine, or would like to practice it yourself once, we suggest you our guaranteed authentic unsterile surgical kit
It is composed of seven hand-forged pieces, namely an awl, scissors, a hook, a scalpel, tweezers and a bone saw. The whole set comes with a matching cotton belt bag (approx. 20 x 30 cm).

- Material: wrought iron
- 100% cotton canvas bag 
- Weight: approx. 1.4 kg 

It goes without saying that this product is solely a prop to be used for historical re-enactment, LARP, theatrical performances, etc. This surgical kit is by no means suitable for people's treatment. We thus strongly advise against its practical use. 

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