Greaves and Tassets 

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    Warrior Leg Protection is a set of demi-greaves designed to protect the shins. Rounded at the edges and decorated with shiny steel rivets, these demi-greaves are designed to sit comfortably over the shins while leaving room for poleyns to cover the kneecaps. They reach from below the knee and narrow around the ankles, secured with a top-grain leather...
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    Dark Warrior Upper Leg armour are tassets designed to protect the thigh and groin. The style is late medieval with rolled edged metal plates overlapping each other. Two sets of steel plates hang from the hips to cover the outer thighs. A third set of slimmer plates cover the groin area and provide some protection to the inner thighs. The set comes with a...
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    Undead Full Legs is an essential for any person wanting to protect the legs while in battle. Consisting of cuisses to protect the lower thighs, poleyns covering the knees, and short demi-greaves protecting the upper shins, you’re less likely to take a pesky arrow to the knee--thus increasing your adventuring days. Three leather straps--one around the...
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    Epic Armoury’s Dark Drake Leg Protection is a set of metal ‘demi-greaves’ shaped to protect the shins. Rounded at the edges and decorated with scale-like ridges, these demi-greaves are designed to sit comfortably over the shins while leaving room for poleyns to cover the kneecaps. They reach from below the knee and narrow around the ankles, secured with a...
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    Our "Lena" armour series was especially designed for warrior princesses and shield maidens alike. We distanced from historical patterns and steped closer to a rather fantastic shape. The outcome was a not only a long awaited womens armour, but also a costume set of in the form of a worthy armour set. Be it an Amazone, a warrior princess or an exalted...
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    Our "Adam" greaves are a little bit shorter than the others from our other lines. Because of this they will also fit adolescents or smaller people. Additionally, like all the other "Adam" armour parts, they are corrugated along the rim.
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    The "Edward" series full leg guards was built large enough even for bigger heroes. This way it can be worn even on top of padded thigh guards and completes many full plate armours.It is being tied to the wearer by using a belt for the two laces and attached to the leg and knee with buckle-straps.The knees outer side is closed by a shell (knee-plate), so...
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    These greaves were built with a bigger inner diameter to be worn by bigger heroes and on top of padded leg protection. They have a beading surrounding the edge, just as well as rivets for decoaration. The foot part is cut out lower, so they can rest comfortably on the foot and protect the ankles. The swung shape of the greaves makes them look even more...
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    Like the other products from the "Fafnir" line, these greaves are made of metal plates riveted on a backing of padded suede.This makes it a very comfortable piece of armour. Even when wearing your armour for hours, while marching or running, "Fafnir" will still be quite comfortable.The corrugated metal parts are not just decorative, they also add...
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    The matching thigh protection for our armor series Edward. They can be attached at the outside of the breastplate with two buckle straps and thus complete the look of the whole set of armor.
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    These tassets are just the right armour to protect your thighs and lower abdomen. They are fastened in the back with two buckles. Basically the "Markward" tassets have been designed to be worn with the "Markward" torso armour, but they can be worn with any other armour as well.
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    Our belt shields can be painted in groups colours, insignia or heraldry to show the membership to a certain group. Made from 1,2 mm steel, we offer them in our favorite plate armour series now. Matching the "Gustav" series, this shield is not decorated, but meets the series' style with plain and undecorated beauty. It is worn on a belt by using the two...
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    Mercenary Tassets are reminiscent of the typical pikeman armour of the late medieval and renaissance era. The piece consists of three broad metal plates overlapping each other to provide laminate protection for the hips and upper thigh. The tassets leave the pelvis somewhat unprotected, and normally a cod-piece would be added to protect the groin area....
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    You watch the caravan coming up the road from far off, counting at least two guards and a handful of merchants. Only one of them is on horseback, with the cart pulled by a sad pair of mules. You feel confident in your new Rogue Tassets, smirking as you signal to your fellows who lie in the shadows. There may not be much to steal, but you and your mates...
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    This Beinzeug or leg armor is made of leather with steel sheets as reinforcement.It is 38cm long, covering the front of the leg, from the thigh to the ankle.The knee, made of steel, is articulated for greater mobility.It adjusts with straps surrounding the leg and joints for user comfort.With proper care, this piece will withstand the abuse of...
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    Faulds and Tassets are designed to protect the waist, hip and upper thigh from attacks that might leave you off balance, wounded, and vulnerable while on the battlefield. Don’t be an easy target for archers and rogues! This armour limits your weak spots without limiting your mobility thanks to the articulation of its bottom plate. Secured with two...

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