This is the first entry in the Eviltailors blog, and Sigurd the Sorcerer hopes to be able to answer all your questions about Eviltailors itself and LARP and reenactment in general. In the first place if you have a question about any of our products, please don’t ask them here, use the e-mail, where you will promply attended. If you have any questions about the events we organize, any of topics we are discussing here or about a topic you would like to talk about this is the right place. Sigurd the Sorcerer is not alone and his myriad of minions, whom you will meet in due time, carry on his duties.

We would like to know your opinions and we will take them into account. Please take part, as this is your meeting point and the place where we can cooperate to brig our ideas to life . Sigurd the Sorcerer will answer your questions as accurately as possible, help him if you think there are aspects that can be improved.