This entry will be developent in successive news is about being a helping hand to all adventurers that are currently working in a LARP, or will be doing so in the future. Eviltailors is a company born from the passion for LARP and we want to offer our help to all event organizers in order to help expand it and let more and more people enloy it. Because of that if you are thinking about organizing an event whether it is a modest one or one of biblical dimesions we can surely help you.

If you need props for your event we will try to help, if you need staging we can also help. Our collaboration can range from a modest one to getting fully involved if the event is well organized and inspiring.

What do I have to do?

You have to prepare a presentation of your event that explains what it is about, if it’s the first event or it’s the continuation of a previous one, how many people previously attended and how many people take part in the event management. Then send it to, we will contact you and offer the help you need.

What kind of help can you offer?

We can help you with poster desing, be it digital or printed. NPC wardrobes, provide the bad guys or any props you might need. These are only some ideas, you can ask for whatever you need and our team will work to meet your needs and make the event a sound success.

Don’t hesitate, if you’ve got an idea we can help you turn it into reality!