Before I start with this entry I’d like to explain my point of view about how a LARP role should be played. The most important thing during a LARP is to remember at every single moment that your character can die, and that neither you nor your character want it to happen. You should try to avoid those actions that will lead to a certain death, as you would also avoid them in real life. That being said in several occassions we play to certent extend an heroic character, who should confont dangerous situatios. A hero doesn’t run away if assaulted by a highwayman, he confrots him and hopefully emerges victorious. This however doesn’t mean our said hero should carelessly walk with untrusted armed people into dark alleys or bother the town guard needlessly. These are sure ways to have a harsh and swift end.

The death of a character is a difficulf issue that can lead to our play mates having a bitter experience. It is important to remember that they are our pals and we have the common goal of having a good time. This doesn’t mean you can’t cut someone’s throat under the bridge like a river troll, but the motivation to do so must be well founded. The dead player must understand that because of he was unaware of some aspects of the plot or because he has trusted the wrong character he has been killed. He has to understand that being a servant of the good is enough for a dark lord’s minion to end his peacefull and perfect life. But if the deaths have no purpose other than having a good time or for the sake of plain combat other less blood savvy players can be upset. If you want to fight, let the GMs know, they will send you into risky missions or give you the opportunity to be the first line of defence of the city against NPCs.

Once that point is clear, lets supose your evil character homicide intentions are fully justified, be it because the character is an obstacle into his path, posseses an item he needs, or because his dark master so commands. Playing an evil character with a double identity needs masquerade and social qualities. If the character doesn’t socialize with the others and only reveals himself as the evil lord’s executing arm in the final battle he doesn’t give other players any chance to unearth his true motivations, giving no one else a chance to enjoy his character. The true evil character must merge with the rest, try to earn their trust and leave a trail of his true scheme that resousceful players can follow. This will enritch his playing experience and the playing experience of the rest of players. The point is not only to earn their trust, as that is easily done behaving as good boy, the point is to earn the trust of the person in charge while you poison his most trusted servant that is suspicious of your intentions. The true enemy of the evil character that has to kill another player is the metagame, Game Masters must be alert to detect any metagame that can spoil the elaborate plot of evil players as it can frustrate the players. The Game Directors should speak with the killed character, advise him to remain silent and explain the events that have led to his death. This can make him empatize with the reasons and understand why it has happened.